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1. a) To develop and provide programs promoting the protection and preservation of the environment through supporting and advancing curricula relative to Urban Climate Change and Conservation Education. Educators representing all levels of the education system nationally will be given access to practical, outdoor and indoor, cross curricular, experiential learning opportunities tailored to existing provincial curricula.

b) To educate and increase the public’s understanding of the environment and its importance by advocating and supporting the development and delivery of urban conservation curricula relative to climate change in Canada. Public and family-centric projects will be developed, sponsored, installed and maintained in and for the wide diversity of communities across Canada.

c) To educate and increase the public’s understanding of the environment and its importance and global impact by providing a positive learning situation in countries other than Canada. Using Canadian standards of education and engagement, Kenyan learners will be provided a platform to develop their own unique systems in environmental sustainability. The Foundation will facilitate the design, construction and outfitting of educational institutions in Kenya for elementary and middle years education. The Foundation will provide a complete, well rounded and practical education for young Kenyan learners in traditional wisdoms as well as western conversational methods.

Activities in support of purpose (a & b)

The Foundation will work strategically and collaboratively with partners such as but not limited to, The Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) to advance environmental stewardship in Canada. Appropriate urban landscapes and plants in general, provide the key to an improved and sustainable future. Clear and applicable environmental learning strategies, underscored and emphasized with public-centric projects and program development, will be the role The Foundation supports.

Practical applications of environmental education can be realized in schoolyards or other such green spaces in Canada, engaging families of school aged youth from over two million households in Ontario alone. Support for project development and realization will be available from over 3800 individual green industry associates and affiliates as well as enumerable volunteers through the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA). A Garden in Every Schoolyard is a proposed program that would see the development of edible school gardens across Canada. Community and family oriented education with gardens as the learning platform will provide excellent industry participation potential, sponsorship as well as tangible and realistic results. Foodbanks Canada as well as school cafeterias and senior’s social housing developments for example, would benefit from the produce grown by the students.

Curriculum development will be in concert with provincial and territorial ministries with initial attention given to high density, urban centres. The Foundation will draw on the green industry’s expertise, individual Canadian school boards and education professionals to craft curricula that addresses climate change in practical and realizable terms.

Activities in support of purpose (c)

The Foundation will develop partnerships with Corporate Canada within the solar energy, HVAC, eco-friendly water treatment and construction trades specifically. An immediate and tangible goal is to design and construct an education facility in rural Kenya that will support a minimum of 100 learners, house a minimum of four qualified educators and their families built to North American standards. Utilities such as power and water will be addressed and develop in situ using Canadian expertise to mentor, supervise and participate in the design, construction and installation.

This model will stand as a positive exemplar of cooperation, philanthropy and reasonable application, which will in turn provide a template for future developments.

Educators are currently in place in Kenya and are willing to assist in the project development, provide English to Kamba translation services and facilitate the forging of cultural bridges. Individuals are known personally to the Foundation and are trusted, reliable sources for offshore projects of this nature.

PayPal.Me /KenBeattie591

easy and secure

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