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Nautica      January 5th - January 20th       Cape Town - Cape Town

Nautica      January 20th - February 19th    Cape Town - Singapore

Nautica      April 09th - April 27th                 Singapore - Dubai

Nautica      April 27th - May 18th                  Dubai - Barcelona

Regatta      June 19th - June 29th                Seattle - Vancouver (Alaska)

Regatta      June 29th - July 9th                   Vancouver - Seattle (Alaska)

Riviera       August 28th - September 11th    Southampton - Reykjavik

Riviera       September 11th - September 27th Reykjavik - New York

Riviera      September 27th - October 8th      New York - Montreal

Marina      November 11th - November 23rd   Monte Carlo - Barcelona

Riviera      November 25th - December 4th   Miami - Miami (Caribbean)

Riviera      December 5th - December 15th    Miami - Miami (Caribbean)

Riviera      December 15th - December 22nd  Miami - Miami (Caribbean)

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