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We are hoping to raise funds to build a well (borehole) for the village.

$10.000 USD

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Yes we have goats! Our farm is growing thanks to a donation from a man who was celebrating his 80th birthday. This donation/gift will ensure that Michael, Antony and the entire family will have a sustainable future.

A huge thank you from all of know who you are!

This is my young friend in Kenya, Antony. He and his older brother Michael along with their Mom and siblings have a small farm south of Nairobi. The video clip on this page was taken in 2016, perhaps one of the most memorable days of my life. This is my introduction to you of two of my most dear a favoured souls.Perhaps you will agree with me that these two young Kamba men are pretty special indeed.

My lads traveled all night by bus from their village to meet with me in Mombasa.We had a tremendously grand day, the three of us at Nyali Hotel. Antony had his very first ever "beef burger" as well as his first swim in the Indian Ocean. This young man in his early twenties has a great deal to offer this world. Compassionate, eager, engaged and a true shining star. Michael, his older brother shares everything that he has with his brother as well is an excellent mentor, he too shines as a major star. I told him ages ago that one day he will be the Prime Minister of Kenya.

I had met Michael in Canada a few years previous and seeing the brightness in his eyes and his inner brilliance, our family affair was founded.We sponsored Michael through the Presbyterian University of Kenya where he achieved his baccalaureate degree in Education.

The Foundation that I am forming will further not only their individual educations but that of many more in rural Kenya. To date we are increasing their herd of goats and planning the development of a school in the village. Our plan is a sustainable one utilizing solar power, waste water management, best practices in horticulture and local agriculture and critically the conservation of "Kamba Traditional Wisdom".

More to come... we are just launching. Keep in touch to see how you can engage and help improve the lives of a great many.

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is in the early developmental stages. Kenyan girls are often not afforded an education. WE plan to do what we can to change that.

Your support is very much appreciated.

PayPal.Me /KenBeattie591

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Join our growing family and help make changes for young girls in Kenya

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